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The International Shared Ownership Investment Conference® is produced and sponsored by Interval International®, a global vacation exchange provider to developers and consumer owners since 1976. The conference is a complete resource for potential new entrants and existing developers who want to hear the latest on resort financing, sales, marketing, and operations in this dynamic industry. Attendees will also gain a comprehensive understanding of business opportunities in exciting international markets such as Latin America and the Caribbean.

In addition, the International Shared Ownership Investment Conference is the must-attend shared ownership event for networking with the industry's major players, including developers, sales and marketing experts, operators, and investors.

Featured seminars and panels include:



Learn the basics from experts on how the industry is delivering results worldwide and positively affecting occupancy rates and ROI.



Hear about the current market conditions in hospitality and shared ownership, including investor perspectives and opportunities in the industry.



Discover new emerging market opportunities and challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean, and how to enter these territories.



Gain access to relevant and current industry research and findings presented by the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) and other highly acclaimed research providers.



Learn about the primary considerations when developing a shared-ownership resort, and how to finance your project and end-loan receivables.

Sales and Marketing


Understand the demographics of today’s buyers. Learn effective sales and marketing strategies to help create a successful, competitive, and edgy program that will convert resort visitors into owners.



Learn about the viability of converting an existing real estate product into shared ownership, including the differences and implications of long-term return on investment.



Learn how to create a unique real estate product that incorporates a shared ownership component and how that positively affects the project’s profitability.

        Who should attend       

Resort Developers Lenders Hospitality Executives Condominium Developers
Hoteliers Hospitality Investors and Consultants Real Estate Investment Trusts
Investment Bankers Private Equity Firms Other Capital Providers Industry Suppliers

        Shared Ownership       

Shared ownership is a term that is used to describe a variety of products that allow consumers to purchase future vacations without the expense and commitment of a second home. In most cases, units are condominium-style accommodations that include kitchen facilities. Shared ownership comes in various forms including traditional timesharing, in which owners purchase fixed- or floating-weeks or points in a single resort or vacation club; fractional resorts, typically a higher-end product that is sold in multiple-week increments; and private residence clubs, a product of extremely high quality that is also sold in multiple-week increments.​​​​​


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