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About the Conference

The Shared Ownership Investment Conferences are produced and sponsored by Interval International, a leading industry service provider to developers and consumer owners since 1976. The conferences are complete resources for potential new entrants and existing developers who want to learn more about the future trends in resort financing, sales, marketing, and operations in this dynamic industry.

Since 1998,these events have been providing attendees valuable industry knowledge from current experts in the business on the following topics:

Financing   How and where to obtain financing for your project and end-loan receivables
Development   Primary considerations when developing a shared ownership resort
Sales and Marketing   Strategies for a successful program
Conversion   The viability of converting an existing real estate product into shared ownership
Mixed-Use Resorts   How to create a mixed-use resort which includes a shared ownership component
Government Regulation   The current regulatory environment and how it potentially affects your plans
  Demographics and psychographics of existing and potential consumers


About Shared Ownership

Shared ownership is a term which is utilized to describe a variety of products that allow consumers to purchase their future vacations without the expense and commitment of a second home. In most cases, other than urban locations, units are typically condominium-style inventory. Shared ownership's various forms include traditional timesharing, in which owners buy a fixed/floating week or points in a single resort or vacation club; fractional resorts, typically a higher-end product than timeshare that is sold in multiple week increments; and private residence clubs, a product which is also sold in multiple week increments and tends to be of extremely high quality.​​​​​​​​​